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   The Department of Business Administration was founded with the purpose to communicate the ideals, philosophy, theory, process, methods, and tools of management related to business operation. Further, it is our mission to substantiate and enhance the capacity of business operation and train professional personnel in business administration in accordance with the environment of businesses’ development. In addition, we also endeavor to engage in academic research and intensify the knowledge of business management to transform our department into a training center for professionals and become the partner of various businesses.


   We aim to train students to become professional personnel in the field with sound capability and humanistic concern. In addition, we would like to educate our students to respect their professions and cooperate with their co-workers with team spirit. Being optimistic and positive, they will become the pillars of society

1. Offer the students academic training in business administration: In curriculum planning, we adopt the principle of 5 management – production, marketing, personnel management, R&D, and financial management to orient the students toward complete academic abilities in business management.
2. Train the students to think independently with sound analysis: Employing case studies and research projects, we aim to train the students to think independently, with sound concepts of organization and analytical capacities. Likewise, they are able to communicate with other people effectively and make optimal decisions through careful problem solving analysis.
3. Apply theory to practical situations: Through class instruction and discussion, internship, practical training, and simulation of real situations, we attempt to orient the students with sound knowledge and proficient skills in business operation. In addition, we would like to fulfill the goal of putting the theory into practice by building up work-study programs with businesses.
4. Equip the students with keen administrative power: We encourage the students to participate in and sponsor various extracurricular activities to give breadth to their abilities. From planning, executing, reviewing, and improving these activities, they can develop certain qualities for management, such as a positive outlook, self-confidence, active participation, etc so that they can cultivate their abilities in executing practical works.
5. To have their outlook broadened: We invite top people from the academy and the businesses to deliver speech at our school frequently. In addition, we visit the factories regularly, build up work-study programs organize self-governing study groups to broaden their minds and their contacts with businesses.