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Future Visions
1. It is the vision of the Department of Business Administration to develop various modules in our curriculum in order to cooperate with other departments closely. By utilizing all the teaching resources, we aspire to achieve the goal of diversification and integration.
2. The Department of Business Administration will extend the use of case study in teaching to help the students build up their abilities in analysis and decision-making. By doing so, it can facilitate the transmission of knowledge and communication between the students and teachers. In addition, it can also help the students to build up their abilities in language presentation and team spirit.
3. The Department of Business Administration will deepen our cooperation with related departments at different colleges and universities. In addition, we also encourage the students to participate in various intercollegiate competitions, such as TIC 100 (Technology Innovation Competition 100), to have their outlook broadened and their team spirit cultivated in order to help them develop the quality of mutual trust.
4. In addition to classroom teaching, the Department of Business Administration will enhance our interaction with the businesses by holding various activities, including visiting the businesses, holding manager symposiums, and engaging in discussions with alumni, etc. Likewise, the students can better understand the practical operations of businesses in order to verify the theories they learned in class.
5. The Department of Business Administration will cooperate with the incubation center to plan the “Seminar of Business Management Practice.” In the seminar, the senior will diagnose different issues in business administration, propose renewal schemes, and the like for the operation system to conduct research on the organizations, and other related areas. As a result, the students will present their reports on these topics as a trial to their abilities in applying what they have learned in practical situations.
6. The Department of Business Administration will establish various research rooms for different case development, such as Business Management and Diagnosis Development Room, Intelligent Assets Management Development Room, Marketing, Planning and Operation Simulation Room, Marketing Survey Lab, Organization Development Room, Business Planning and Development Lab, etc. By doing so, we are able to assist theory teaching with case study.
7. We also plan to establish the curricula of “Technology Management” and “Integration Technology for the Manufacturers Curriculum” in accordance with our background in science and technology. On the one hand, we are eager to expand and integrate the research and teaching resources in our school. On the other hand, we would like to develop our students’ abilities and competitiveness in multiple employment.
8. We will work ceaselessly for the plan of establishing the Graduate Institute for Business Administration to satisfy the high-level managers’ demand for advanced studies in central Taiwan.